December 13, 2002

The Best News of the Day: I...

The Best News of the Day: I am tempted to say something snarky, but I don't want to undercut tomorrow's National Post column.

Posted by at December 13, 2002 09:31 PM

Was the Kissinger nomination significantly more offensive than the Poindexter appointment? Wouldn't one rather have an experienced mass-murderer trying to track down a band of mass-murderers than have the guy who traded arms for hostages compiling dossiers on each of us just in case we decide someday that we might want to do something naughty?

And does Mitchell to Kissinger to Kean remind anybody else of Nanny-gate, when Clinton could not find a single person in greaterr DC who didn't have an illegal alien working in their home?

Why write fiction?

Posted by: Scott Ross at December 17, 2002 07:15 AM
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