and this:
With Enron in flames, some business journalists think the time is right for a wide-ranging assessment of the business press's overall performance in recent years.
The HBJ has been publishing scores of stories a year about Enron since at least 1997. Were they probing? Hagiographical? I don't know, but in a five-minute search on their well-archived site I found at least three pieces from 1999 and 2000 that foreshadowed the company's current woes. A media reporter and a media magazine should be ashamed of not even asking how the local Business Journal covered the biggest story in its own back yard.

And, for you media-bias nuts out there, not only did the CJR fail to interview an HBJ journalist, it saw fit instead to give a lengthy quote to American Prospect co-editor Robert Kuttner. No really, I'm serious. Here's the paragraph; note the delicious insertion of the phrase "systemic questions" – do journalism schools require 12 units in Systemic Questioning or something? – and also the bias-alarm ringer "some journalists insist."

It's not enough, some journalists insist, to fine-tune reporting techniques. For them, the fall of Enron is not merely a story about a company that cooked its books and lied to its employees, but a window into larger, more systemic questions about the role of the press in making sure that important policy shifts are debated and discussed. "There's been almost no debate about deregulation," says American Prospect co-editor (and Business Week columnist) Robert Kuttner. "It's just been taken for granted in the business press, and in the editorials, and to some extent in the halls of Congress, that deregulation is just the right and the natural thing to do. It's the 'wave of the future,' and markets 'work,' and all of the ancient, well-documented reasons why there are market failures somehow have allegedly been overtaken by the New Economy. It was nonsense then and it's nonsense now."
And Kuttner is "more relevant" than a "weekly business paper" that "covers Enron's hometown." Thanks to Media Minded for spotting this rot.

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