December 13, 2002

If Skvorecky Was Funny....: H...

If Skvorecky Was Funny....: He might write like Colby Cosh.

Posted by at December 13, 2002 08:38 AM

Ok, Colby C is funny sometimes.

But, c'mon, Skvorecky is funny. And he's written at least one great novel (Engineer of Human Souls). I like more than just that one (The Republic of Whores, Miss Silver's Past, The Cowards, and more).

AND Skvorecky has something to say: Read "Red Music" for something funny, thoughtful, wise, and -- as it turned out -- epochal.

Colby can stand or fall on his own. No need to diss Josef Skvorecky to give C.C. traction.


Posted by: keith at December 18, 2002 01:40 AM

Yeah, that was probably cheap. And it comes from my basic aversion to most fiction -- I've only read Joe's *non-fiction* work, which while illuminating, tends to drone, though probably through no fault of his own, since, unlike CC, he actually had to *live* through Communism & Fascism rather than just crack wise from the North Pole. Man, that sentence had a few commas....

Posted by: Matt Welch at December 20, 2002 08:32 AM
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