hat I really need is another month off after that, so I can do humdrum things like (finally) buy a new computer, reorganize & respond to my e-mails, rename file folders, trim the ol' nosehairs, etc.

So here's my proposal: While I'm off in London eating figgy pudding with David Galbraith & hunting down L.A. fugitive Brian Linse, you just give me piles and piles of your hard-earned money. In return, I'll ... uh, reorganize my files! Feel really grateful! Buy 100 copies of Tony Pierce's book and hand 'em out at L.A.-area Catholic middle schools! OK, I guess not. ... Actually, something like 175 of you have tossed coins in the guitar case during the past 15 months, which is something I'll never forget. Most of it came when I really was begging, but I think (knock on wood) we've seen the last of that. So thanks & all, and save your yuletide generosity for someone who really earns it .

Posted by at December 11, 2002 10:21 PM

The fact that Sullivan only got 3,000 responses out of his 200,000 plus "readers" speaks volumes. I really like him, read him, and threw him a few bucks (as I do for as many blogs as I can from time to time), but I wrote him a dire warning:

The people who hit the web are basically free loading bums. They steal music, steal columns from writers, and pay for almost nothing. That is why I question the viability of anyone earning money writing a blog, no matter how popular.

Wish it was different. It's just the right wing version of the NPR/PBS free loading mentality.

Posted by: Howard Veit at December 13, 2002 02:47 AM
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