December 10, 2002

Highly Entertaining & Infor...

Highly Entertaining & Informative Lecture About Blogs: By Richard Townsend and Bjorn Thomson, delivered last month at UBC in Vancouver. It's long, refers to many websites you've heard of (including this one) & a bunch you haven't, and is positively swollen with useful metaphors about various aspects of the blogging phenomenon. A meta-must.

Posted by at December 10, 2002 12:20 PM

One reader just e-mailed that he was not impressed. His argument:

OK, I guess, from an academic elitist POV, BUT I'm not impressed.

1) For all the self-congratulatory *academic review* stuff, where's the mention of the Blogosphere's (and Glenn's) efforts to debunk Bellesiles?

2) Quoting you, out of context, in an aside, from over a year ago, on Sullivan, and using that quote to justify cross checking Sullivan, seems sloppy - especially given all your subsequent posts re Sullivan.

3) Calling Samizdata *whacky*, (in this jolly presentation, no less), while heaping Kudos on Metafilter leads me to question any objectivity in their research.

More condescension, than respect, IMHO.

Meta-Ho Hum

Posted by: Matt Welch at December 10, 2002 04:15 PM

And they think Damian Penny is an intemperate right-winger!

I don't believe I've been to an academic presentation as "jolly" as that. If I had, I'd wonder what the presenter had been smoking.

Posted by: Angie Schultz at December 11, 2002 07:14 AM
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