December 09, 2002

Back!: I've got four deadli...

Back!: I've got four deadlines in the next six days, and then I fly off to London & Lyon for a month, so there won't be much here.

It's pretty funny, spending a few days without newspapers or the Internet (even while hanging out with journalists), and then coming home to find several scandals already in the late phases of being chewed up and spat out by all you tireless weirdos. Strikes me again how absurd it is for anyone at major media news organizations to view "your little blogs" (as one major-daily writer called them on Saturday) as some kind of opponent, rather than a useful, chaotic source of linking, discussion and enthusiasm. I'm back 30 minutes and I've already found a half-dozen pointers to things that will end up in the column I'll finish today.

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