inese slave labor.

I recently saw a new machine at McDonalds that automatically takes a cup and fills it with soda. Farmers, builders, and the like need new machines like that rather than becoming dependent on serf labor.

Texas, I believe has only 1/3 the number of illegal immigrants as CA.

While MX has paid money to raise our new serfs, they also benefit from all that money that they send back home. The MX government also benefits because those who come here are generally the more energetic types. Exactly the ones that might challenge the MX power structure. Perhaps it would be better not just for us, but for MX if they stayed at home and tried to change and build MX.

As pointed out here: , there are several differences between past immigration and the current wave from MX.

Getting on a ship for a long sea voyage and leaving everything behind is a pretty daring thing to do. In canyoneering or climbing terms, the people who did that needed to "commit." Letting people more or less just stream over the border doesn't require that level of commitment. Certainly, there should be more to becoming a citizen than sneaking over the border and waiting long enough for a misguided, selfish politician to give yet another amnesty.

As I pointed out, another difference is in the mindset of those coming here. If only 28% of MX citizens think the U.S. is the real owner of the Southwest, then the very great majority of those who come here are holding views antagonistic to the sovereign rights of their new "country."

For an example, let's say there's a province that's on the border between Belgium and France. The province is now owned by France, but it was taken (and paid for) from Belgium 150 years ago in some war or other. Many people in Belgium think that province is actually theirs. France, ignoring this sentiment and needing cheap labor, invites Belgiques in by the truckload. Pretty soon, the province is majority Belgique, and they can do what they want. Certainly, France could send troops into the streets and drive all the Belgiques out, but that would be very very messy. So, due to their short-sighted failure to recognize that people in Belgium have a certain attitude, and that there's tremendous strength in numbers, France has now ceded part of their territory to another country.

Other examples using real provinces are left as an exercise.

Posted by: Lonewacko at November 29, 2002 11:00 AM
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