Thank you for the lateral Matt!

Posted by: henry at November 26, 2002 04:39 AM

Actually, what should concern you the most is that it wasn't published in an American newspaper. What? The land of the "Keiretsu" thinks big huge corporate entities are ok? Try finding an Indie label on MTV or a good review of Mike Moore's movie at Fox News. I might note that the Freedom House, to borrow from Mike Myers Linda Richman, is neither about "freedom" or a "house", at least not with Mort Kondracke and Ben Wattenberg as board members...

Here's the link:


Philip Shropshire

PS: By the way, I haven't forgotten your honorable acceptance of the Shropshire Challenge. I would be proud to go to a dangerous part of the world with you and probably get killed...I think we should pitch it to a few people and see what happens.

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at November 26, 2002 12:20 PM

Philip -- It was actually published in Foreign Policy, I noticed today. Also, I don't agree with your dismissal of Freedom House -- whatever their ideology (which I have some experience in interacting with), they nevertheless *do* concern themselves with real issues of freedom, and conduct valuable research toward that end.

I don't know how eager I am to "probably get killed," but I'm convinced there's something in that model that has legs....

Posted by: Matt Welch at November 26, 2002 01:52 PM

New to your site here so I'm not sure if you posted the morsels as obviators of the article's badness. If you in fact did, then my comment may be unnecessary... The assertion that the top 50 media companies account for little more of the total media revenue then they did in 1986 says nothing of the extent and pernicious effects of conglomeration. What about the concentration of revenue within the top 50 over the time period in question?

Posted by: Tylor Boland at November 26, 2002 09:24 PM
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