November 25, 2002

The First Indication I've S...

The First Indication I've Seen That the Bush Administration May Get Tough on the Saudis: Via Glenn Reynolds.

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Frank Gaffney finds a common thread among a bunch of things - Saudi money funding a radical Wahhabist agenda:

"This threat arises from the cumulative impact of initiatives like the following, each of which is being pursued by organizations benefitting from Saudi largesse:

o a prison recruitment program aimed at transforming American felons into radical Islamists;

o an effort to recruit, train and place Wahhabist chaplains in the U.S. military, with untold negative repercussions for the troops' order and discipline.

o Wahhabi indoctrination and publicity efforts on over 500 college campuses, including a divestment campaign aimed at Israel;

o the pursuit of a virulently anti-American, Wahhabist agenda in U.S. mosques, one broadly similar to that inculcated in Saudi-backed schools or "madrasas" elsewhere around the globe. By some estimates as many as 75% of American mosques are financed by the Saudis, making them directly subject to Saudi theological direction and control;

o campaigns aimed at securing favorable press treatment for Islamic entities and suppressing, wherever possible (for example, through threatened lawsuits), media and commentators perceived to be critical of Islamist terrorist organizations, their state-sponsors and causes; and

o political influence operations designed to secure access to, and sway over, key executive and legislative branch personnel."

Follow the money.

Posted by: Ray Eckhart at November 26, 2002 04:16 AM
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