March 06, 2002

Jill Stewart's Pre-Election Riordan Endorsement:

If Riordan wins in March, he will beat Gray Davis for the job in the November general election. And if that happens, the conservative ideologues who have made the California Republican Party virtually irrelevant will finally get a long overdue heave-ho by moderate Republicans.

For this reason alone, Riordan is the best Republican candidate on March 5. California, for those still too dense to figure it out, is not a conservative state and will not be so for at least 20 more years. Our massive immigrant population, driven by the influx from Mexico, will help assure a moderate voter base that will prevent conservative Republicans from winning a majority in the Legislature in Sacramento -- even if the occasional conservative governor is elected.

It is incredible to me, a mix of liberal and conservative Democrat, that the California Republican Party is too stubborn and backward to figure this out and to develop moderate superstars like Riordan to revive the state party.

Not that Republicans have a monopoly on misreading voters. Just look at how badly Gray Davis and his loudmouth and bellicose spokesman Garry South have been misreading voters.... I hope the New Times' notoriously inflexible print deadlines will allow for some post-election analysis.

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