I could go on. Anyway, for more kicks, find the funniest two words in the last link.




Those two words are: "and Latino." See, like the way that "Driving while black" later became "Driving while black or brown," the inventors of PTSlaveryD have decided to included Latinos in the aggrieved movement. Power in numbers, don't you know. Me, I read PTSlaveryD as yet another scam, a whine, an attempt to divide. Not a real attempt to solve racial problems.

Posted by: Lonewacko at November 19, 2002 11:26 PM

I just read the link to the Salt Lake paper. The article reports that there are people who believe Aztlan, the alleged birthplace of the Aztecs, was in what is now Utah. "Aztlan" translates to "place of whiteness." Hee, hee.

Posted by: Scott Ross at November 20, 2002 08:40 AM

I am still a registered Libertarian, but that is just because I still have not yet figgured out what I now am. The Libertarian Party is whiter that the Green.

The problem for Libertarians is that they complain about the unfairness of affirmative action and the identity politics of minority leaders, they make no attempts to reach out to minorities and they offer to nothing at all to combat racism, which they nonetheless admit still exists in asides so brief they feel like they should be in parentheses or footnotes. For an example, see Lonewacko above, who I am guessing is a libertarian. (Although I would not presume to guess is a Libertarian, since libertarians are, by nature, uncomfortable with group identification.)

The Greens do have some minority support, especially among activist and academic Latinos. I think the Green's real problem with minorities is that the Greens appeal primarily to people who have been to graduate school.


Posted by: Timothy Roscoe Carter at November 20, 2002 09:45 AM

I don't see what difference it makes. Both parties (as well as the GOP) are whiter than a Jim Ladd playlist.

Posted by: Steve Smith at November 20, 2002 12:46 PM
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