r activity a couple of weeks ago, noting that they're using what may well be mankind's most heavily polluting form of transport as a means of environmental activism. You're right that the results are pretty neat, but the means and purposes are whacked.

Posted by: Dodd at November 18, 2002 02:12 PM

Do you have any idea how many helicopters are buzzing the coast at any given time? Easterbrook should take a few days off and fly to California. A good surf might cure some of his wonkishness and he could sneak in a tan and some perspective as the military, Coast Guard, and pleasure crews shoot by overhead in the lineup. This photography project is a drop in the bucket. The site is cool just to be able to check out your favorite old haunts, and I'll worry about the privacy issues when I can afford a beachhouse. Geffen and the NIMBY hordes tend to have the resources to hassle such projects out of existence if they're really bothered. Anyway, we're all subjected to the Terra Server and other intrusions.

Posted by: Dan at November 18, 2002 03:25 PM

What a jerk. Someone left an angry message (that, admittedly I didn't listen to) on his answering machine, so he posts her name, phone number, city, and age on his web site.

Just for that alone, I hope the Hollywood Cabana Mafia shuts him down.

But, not before OBL saves off those pics of Casa Babs. (Just kidding about that one).

Posted by: Lonewacko at November 18, 2002 10:24 PM

Do the snaps catch any babes?

Posted by: John at November 19, 2002 04:24 PM

"Babs Goes Wild!"

California Coast Productions - 90 Minutes - hard "R".

See Babs like you've never seen her before! She's wild and crazy and running naked through the surf at Malibu Colony!

Posted by: Lonewacko at November 19, 2002 09:17 PM
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