November 10, 2002

Who Wants a Free Content-Ma...

Who Wants a Free Contentar I whined (here, here and then here) about how George Soros should give Evan Williams a million or so to spread the Blogger virus around the world. Well, short of that, a (partially) Soror-funded organization called the Media Development Loan Fund has created the Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP), which has in turn created a new open-source news-publishing/management system called Campsite, which you can now download and use FOR FREE. From the press release:

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, 7 November 2002 – The Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP), a division of the Media Development Loan Fund, today announced the release of Version 2.1 of its free, open-source CAMPSITE content-management system for media organizations. Free downloads are available at

CAMPSITE 2.1 enables media organizations to create full-featured, powerful news web sites at a fraction of the cost of either existing commercial content-management systems or custom-built solutions.

"We created CAMPSITE with journalists in mind," said Sava Tatic, CAMP's managing director and leader of the CAMPSITE development effort. "Version 2.1 not only allows journalists to publish content in their native language quickly and easily without daily involvement of webmasters, but it also gives them the opportunity to interact with the software in their native language."

CAMPSITE is based on Unicode and allows journalists to input their articles in any language and any character set (including Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew). Its Java-based near-WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) text editor is similar to the widely used desktop word processors and features intuitive link creation and inclusion of images.

My great pal Doug Arellanes is head of R&D over at CAMP (and yes, he reports, they do all wear feather boas to work) ... and he will gladly answer your questions, while hopefully correcting anything I've gotten wrong here.

Posted by at November 10, 2002 11:06 PM

What, ya can't spell "Prague"? Jack-a-lope!

Doug's thing looks real nice. It may even play a role in our Secret Project!

Windy out here tonight, ain't it? I was almost speared by a high-velocity palm frond. Teach my ass to go outside.

Oh, & yr nice reader pals should know I'm posting plenty at ... and a fine entertainment weekly in Georgia is the first print client! Guess I'll have to get back to work on those columns.

Posted by: Ken Layne at November 10, 2002 11:24 PM


Thanks for the post. Hopefully we'll see some interest. One thing I wanted to point out, though, is that less than 1/3 of our funding comes from the George-Soros-funded Open Society Institute. The rest comes from nice people like the Macarthur Foundation (the genius grant people), the Ford Foundation and others. For most it's probably splitting hairs, but it's important to point out.

Posted by: Doug Arellanes at November 11, 2002 02:00 AM

I grabbed the package and tried to install it. Unfortunately, it died in the build process. I logged a bug on their website. I would have prefered a prebuilt rpm, but couldn't find one.

Posted by: Posted by: Doug Arellanes at November 11, 2002 11:45 AM
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