March 07, 2002

New L.A. Weblog Alert: This

New L.A. Weblog Alert: This one's by the smart Forbes journalist RiShawn Biddle. Here's a bit from his take on the gubernatorial election:

One can imagine the staffers at National Review were popping open the Moet and dancing on the desks of their Fifth Avenue offices. Don't believe it? Besides the link to Simon's campaign Web site -- posted as a "Cool Site" -- there's John J. Miller's droolfest, in which he claims that the rather uncharismatic Simon is a someone conservatives "can get excited about." Only if one gets their kicks off watching paint dry. But what can be expected from a magazine with a staffer that declared yesterday that cloning should be banned "precisely because so many think it's ok."

I say let the conservatives dance a jig: Their smiles will be wiped off their faces by Election day as incumbent Gov. Gray Davis -- who isn't even fit to run a kennel -- makes Simon his prison bitch. Expect Davis to beat Simon by at least seven points and likely by ten or more. Forget all the picayune reasons why the Republicans will lose a sterling opportunity to oust a very vulnerable incumbent -- a candidate whose social policy positions out of step with mostly-liberal Californians and Davis' hefty bankroll. The real reason why the Republicans will come up empty this November is because they chose the wrong man.

Prison bitch?

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