nistration. To be fair, they earned it, too. But the result of that and Iraq coming to a head couldn't possibly have helped the Democrats this fall; several close elections were lost.

OK, Democrats could and should have debated Iraq more, but the UN resolution most wanted to see a good faith effort for happened anyway. Note the timing there, of course.

Anyway, come election time they were right to take it off the table. They shouldn't have taken tax cuts -- that is, a balanced budget, hope this isn't going too fast for anyone -- off the table, and they had plenty of other substantive issues to go with: privatizing Social Security, environmental issues, energy, fighting radical court appointments. Instead McAuliffe et al sank what money they had into a stupid grudge match in Florida. Even if they'd won, the Senate would still have been gone.

This, too, will pass, but not before a lot of damage is done. By 2004, maybe even moxie and RB up there will be voting for a Democrat. We'll welcome you with open arms, you lovable rapscallions! See you then!

(PS: Davis does seem like a lizard, I can't blame you guys there. Even if all those blackouts really were because of corporate ripoff scams -- just like Davis said. Even lizards can be right.)

Posted by: Thomas Nephew at November 8, 2002 12:47 PM

Thomas -- Just to clarify, I am not, and have never been, a Libertarian or Republican (I think you know that; I'm just clarifying). I'm not a Democrat either, of course, but I've usually leaned that way, though not much in this election (my voting was based entirely on removing the cancerous Gray Davis, and otherwise advancing my untenable political agenda).

It is interesting to note that Gray Davis -- who had the most successful Tuesday of any major Democrat I can think of -- spent much of his campaign running against George Bush, not Bill Simon. He also had the added luxury of not being forced to vote or debate Iraq. My next National Post column will argue this, but I'm convinced that Davis, much as even his own "friends" despise him, has emerged as a front-runner for the 2004 presidential nomination.....

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