March 07, 2002

Denton Goes Ballistic on Bush's

Denton Goes Ballistic on Bush's Steel Cave: Scroll down to "America's Steel Tariffs." Excerpt:

Fine to question the efficacy of foreign aid; fine to mock the anti-globalizers; fine to write off African countries as basket cases; fine to blame Middle Eastern governments for corruption. But realize one thing: compromise on free trade, and there is nothing left of US foreign policy but force. No moral high ground, no hope for the developing world, no security but the illusory confidence in military superiority.

How the hell can the US administration lecture the developing world on the virtues of free markets if it is unwilling to take on its own steel and textile lobbies? If aid is ineffective, and trade doesn't play well in West Virginia, what is left of US policy towards the developing world? Sell them Disney and remaindered drugs, and crush the towel-heads every decade when they rise up.

He also echoes Matthew Yglesias' complaint about conservative bloggers staying relatively mum on the issue; speaking as one who also tries to write for a living, I find it a bit dangerous/futile to go yelling about what people don't post on their extra-curricular websites. Better (for me) to wait a week and see how the paid Republican-leaning columnists deal with it, or not.

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