you are looking for, about nose-holding newspaper endorsements for Gray Davis, is here. While I have your attention, here's a link, to most every time I have mentioned Gray Davis on this website. Of those, the ones that might be of most use are, in chronological order:
Gray Davis is the Real Quack: While Insurance Commish Resigns, Governor Wastes $22 Million on Blatant Self-Promotion

The Nightmare Scenario: If Gore Wins California But Loses Nation, Watch out for Gray Davis (and that's what happened, too!)

Singapore Gray and (about how Davis admires Singapore's criminal justice system)

Regionalicide, Abortion Blather, Gray-Bait (my crude insta-analysis after Simon beat Riordan in the primary)

Double Standards for Gray Davis and the Rich (about how he appointed one deep-pocketed campaign contributor to the University of California Board of Regents, even though the guy doesn't have a college degree)

Why Gray Davis, Unlike Wilson and Reagan, Won't Raise Taxes on the Rich During a Budget Crisis

McGovern vs. Tricky Dick, in Hindsight -- an Interactive Thought Experiment (an interesting bit where I ask non-Democrat readers to tell me which 1972 presidential candidate they'd vote for now, knowing everything we know about Nixon)

Davis vs. Richard Riordan -- an Interactive Thought Experiment (same deal, different respondents)

Also, if you just scroll down, there's plenty of other stuff about Bill Simon, and the race in general. Stick around, and leave comments!

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