s="comments-post">Posted by: Bill Peschel at October 25, 2002 03:18 PM

As long as the "you can't afford to live in California" stereotype lives on in the East Coast press, I'll be happy. We've got enough people here, thanks.

You can visit and give us your dough, though.


Posted by: bob at October 26, 2002 02:27 PM

My parents live in Newport Beach. I don't think the furniture has Ivy League names. We just say "the couch" or "the chair."

I think "Beloved BoBo Unicorns" is a dead hit on Brooks, but a bit long for a band name. Just plain "BoBo Unicorns" would work better.

Posted by: Joanne Jacobs at October 26, 2002 11:44 PM

I actually like Brooks' writing in general, but this quickie on the cultural karma coming off the Series is another example of the Tom Wolfe influence where writers try to knock off a quick piece of realism (Wolfe-like) without doing the homework (unlike Wolfe). The major message to the reader has nothing to do with California or culture or anything more than the fact that the writer is lazy. As a reader, I take it as a bit of an insult -- he wanted to write something on the series, be funny, make a couple of general cultural points, but he didn't have the time or energy to do the groundwork, so he tried to fog one by everyone. It wasted his time and ours.

Posted by: Carson at October 28, 2002 10:36 AM

"Bobo Unicorns" is the coolest phrase ever.

Unfortunately Brooks is falling for the classic New Media ploy -- seeing pattern where there is no pattern. The generalizations came first, observations of the people came second.

A practice usually restricted to fiction writing, this makes for very sloppy journalism, if it can be called "journalism" at all.

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