the relative lack of domestic terrorist attacks has left things such that I'm as endangered by an American extremist as I am from an Islamic extremist. Apparently, I'm not alone; I've family and friends of various ethnicities in the Washington, D.C. area who tell me they feel the same way right now."

Since Nov. 4, 1979, Islamic terrorists have apparently killed about 3800 people (including bystanders) in attacks directed at the United States. Almost one every two days, on average. Does Anil Dash really think "American extremists" are likely to kill about one person every other day?

Meanwhile, with exquisite timing, the police captured someone who was a danger to Dash and family in the DC area. It's almost embarrasing to have to point out that John Muhammed's 'extremism' apparently had nothing to do with his being American.

In another para., Dash refers to "the several thousand evil muslims who pervert the religion and the millions who live peacably around the world." According to my sources, the numbers of those already recruited into terrorist organizations is several TENS of thousands, at the least. And how many of the peaceable millions were there dancing in the street in celebration on Sept. 11th?

Dash says MSNBC was "merely asking if the site [LGF]is hateful." Wrong. MSNBC asked if the site was so hateful it ought to be removed from the 'Best of the Blogs' list. That LGF was hateful was assumed.

I won't speculate as to why Anil Dash's remarks are so far from the facts. It does seem clear that he intends to promote a vision of Islam as a mostly peaceful religion. It is unclear to me whether that vision is correct. It is clear that Dash can't be bothered to get his facts straight.

Posted by: Stephen M. St. Onge at October 25, 2002 06:15 PM

Stephen's post above I think underscores a point that Anil was trying to make.

He doesn't hesitate calling Anil an apologist for Islam using a wide brush that puts together all 'brown asses' as Muslims and thus America hater.

Convenient to put together all those who you hate for whatever reasons; label them as Islamo-fascist and then hey aren't they the bad ones and you standing up for life, liberty and apple pie!

Posted by: Sandeep at October 28, 2002 05:49 AM
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