March 09, 2002

Glenn Reynolds -- Unfit for

Glenn Reynolds -- Unfit for Political Life: I'd love to vote for a candidate like InstantMan (who is being bandied about to fill Fred Thompson's seat in Tennessee), or see such a person win prominent office. But he's totally unfit for office. Why?

Well what party would he declare? If he's a Republican, he's more of a RINO (Republican In Name Only) than even Richard Riordan – pro-abortion, consorts with weird musicians, confessed former Democrat, obsessed with cloning sexy Berkeley co-eds, etc. If he's Democrat, he'd be the party's first prominent member to be praised or at least taken seriously by the Wall Street Journal, National Review and Fox News. And if he's Libertarian ... I mean, do you want some Rand nut formulating National Security policy? Seriously, can you name a governor, congressman, senator or cabinet member who resembles Glenn Reynolds? Maybe Jesse Ventura, somehow? Yet thousands upon thousands of people identify strongly with the guy, from across several political divides.... Run, Glenn, run!

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