The San Francisco Giants will be kicking some Angel butt very soon.

Posted by: Rossz at October 14, 2002 02:26 PM

Well, congrats on the win tonight, bubb-o! I can't wait to see Franky Rodriguez make Barry Bonds weep like a baby pig....

Posted by: Matt Welch at October 14, 2002 09:10 PM

Congrats, Angels fans. My Twins couldn't measure up this year, and the Angels look to me like the team of destiny. For what it's worth, enjoy the ride. It'll be fun...

Posted by: Russ at October 15, 2002 06:05 AM

Ordinarily I'm disappointed when so many days go by without a new Matt Welch post. But I kinda liked being the top link on your blog for so long. Thanks for all the traffic...

Posted by: Jesse Walker at October 15, 2002 08:14 AM

what the hell is a rally monkey? - well I guess I know what it is, but what's the story behind it?

Posted by: Kevin at October 15, 2002 08:28 AM

Matt, Congrats on having your team reach the WS. I'll be pulling for them. Heck, they're kind of winning me over, anyway. I may be buying an Angels cap before long.

Posted by: Howard Owens at October 15, 2002 09:19 AM

The Angels should go to a local Air Force base to practice. How you might ask? Simple, by standing facing directly into the flight path and following a fast moving jet as it screams over their heads. That head whipping action will be handy when Bonds is up to bat.

Posted by: Rossz at October 15, 2002 06:33 PM
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