wants to admit his ineptitude cost 50 people their jobs.

But when you picked up this edition of Scene, you likely noticed that the Fustomers," and then ends with a flourish of unrestrained glee:

The Free Times had been getting stomped for quite some time. Last week, it finally got whacked.
That's real class. (Via Chas Rich, from whom I stole the phrase "sore winner")

Posted by at October 10, 2002 04:37 PM

Aren't you a little hard on Blume? - reads like a fair obit to me and a far cry from Kotz's graceless triumphalism... Blume seems impressed by what Barrs and Stewart could do when give the space to cut loose - while "gadfly" is a compliment from where I'm sitting.

Posted by: David Steven at October 11, 2002 05:35 AM

Isn't corporate journalism the ultimate oxymoron? Jesus, the real truth is that a huge conglomerate has far too much to lose. They are the target of every scumbag lawyer. They cannot print anything that offends anyone without huge risk. With $28 bil being handed out by jurors like it was water, and the economically ruinous asbestos litigation destroying corporation after corporation is it any wonder we have a docile press?

The next point is your $7mil per year TV jerkoff. I mean if anybody is going to do what they are told it's the overpaid "journalist anchor". We only get news by accident, and the bloggers who have nothing to lose.

I'd say the pathetic LAT shows it best: "The Nazis today started rounding up Jews to send them to concentration camps. Many Jews were thankful to be put together with their friends, while others thought freedom might be in danger."

THAT is corporate news.

Posted by: Howard Veit at October 16, 2002 07:46 AM
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