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Are you really such a bloodthirsty lot? According to the Economist's figures on 'Death from intentional injury' the US is slightly less dangerous than Mexico but slightly more dangerous than New Zealand.

Best of all, France, where Moore's movie was such a big hit, is almost as dangerous as the US, with around 15/16 deaths per 100 000 compared to the US's 18.

Full stats here

Posted by: Neil Dodds at October 11, 2002 01:49 AM

Salon had a pretty good interview with him up yesterday, continuing their ongoing feud. Despite your feelings on his politics, he, along with Errol Morris are probably the two most influential documentary filmmakers of the last ten years. I wont pass judgment on this movie until I see it, but it is pretty evident in the review that John Powers critical thinking isn't far removed from Rush's either. That little riff on Osama and U.S. foreign policy while correct in pointing out Moore's heavy-handed, and pretty thoughtless tactic is equally dumb. Besides, the Flaming Lips already beat him to it back in, what was it 1990? We're sooo past it.

Posted by: dan haar at October 11, 2002 08:45 AM

I still remember Moore, Mr. Working-Class Champion, in the aftermath of 9-11. He was traveling around the country, sneering at the grassroots patriotism of ordinary people: the car flags, the marquee messages, the candlelight vigils. Wotta phony.

Rush, OTOH, I admire a lot. Someone who singlehandedly revived AM radio deserves a lot of credit. Plus, quite a lot of people stopped swallowing what the national media fed them and started thinking more critically, thanks to him.

One of the more gratifying aspects of his show is his ability to hit back at the old one-way media. How I chuckled whenever some columnist or editor or talking head would sling a casual, lazy smear at him, and an audience 100 times bigger than theirs would hear Rush's demolition of it.

Posted by: The Sanity Inspector at October 14, 2002 09:43 AM
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