October 06, 2002

Dept. of How Did You Find T...

Dept. of How Did You Find That Out?: From a choppy L.A. Times story today about conditions in Saudi Arabia:

Although the vast majority of Saudis appear to support the monarchy, many people here worry that an invasion of Iraq could tip the balance in favor of the extremists.
How do you go about determining the opinion of the "vast majority of Saudis," I wonder? Later, as is typical of the L.A. Times when writing about Saudi Arabia, this unattributed assertion seems to be contradicted:
Buraydah, 200 miles northwest of the capital [is] home to some of the government's most vocal critics. Buraydah is a potential tinderbox, one that could easily ignite a nation that is young, angry at America and in many cases disillusioned with recent openings to Western culture.

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