and the phone rang three times and went dead.

So, maybe an hour or two, followed by some kind of send-in-the-Pinkertons action. This is the reward for people who left tenured jobs at the L.A. Times for the risk of a start-up, and were then encouraged by corporate HQ to throw bricks at both their former employer and the hated competition ... which now owns some of their assets. Incredible.

Posted by at October 2, 2002 02:26 PM

Do you guys even have a clue how these deals work? You sign the papers then you tell the staff. That's business. Were they supposed to rattle the staff with advance notice of an unsigned deal that could fall through? Were they required to continue to lose millions more dollars? I am not nominating them for the Nobel Peace Prize but this irrational anger is really immature.

Posted by: LA Confidential at October 3, 2002 04:58 PM

I always like it when people go to websites, note how the proprietor urges those leaving comments to "please use your real name," then use a pseudonym to peck out flaccid little insults and assure the rest of us we've all just been too naive to see the awful truth in front of our noses.

To answer your question -- yes, actually, I have a least three clues about how uncompetitive newspaper shut-downs are structured between two erstwhile competitors, having read and written much on the topic in the past. Additionally, I have whatever extra clues can be gleaned by the personal experience of starting a newspaper, running a newspaper, selling a newspaper and shutting down a newspaper.

None of which leads me to believe that the New Times behavior can or should be explained by the world-weary bark of "That's business." That may be business to you, but it's not to me. Maybe *you* live by the credo of "You sign the papers then you tell the staff," but I live by the credo of, "If you do that, especially to friends of mine working for a quality publication, I will use my website to describe you, accurately, as someone with no discernible class."

Posted by: Matt Welch at October 3, 2002 10:56 PM
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