ming up with better solutions. Does this make me "monstrously hawkish," Nick?

A final note about the Dentonoid's absurd campaign to criticize bloggers for what they don't write about enough (for his tastes) on their sites: I see here he's made a list of his brave anti-tariff writings ... since November 2001. Not bad, Nick! But where were you, in 2000, when Al Gore lurched leftward on trade during his Democratic Convention acceptance speech? Me, I was at the convention, writing critically about it for a left-wing audience at WorkingForChange.com. What about later that fall, when Ralph Nader was packing arenas with fiery anti-trade speeches? Did you follow him around for days on end, trying to nail down his vague positions on trade, immigration and foreign policy? Did you write multiple columns in 2000-2001 arguing for trade to an anti-trade audience, and taking on the Left's favorite economist for suggesting that stock trading was no better than gambling? What, exactly, were you doing back then, as the forces of Seattle gathered, and fast-track authority languished forgotten, except by the editors of Reason and The Economist?

Oh yeah. You were running an Internet company. Trying to strike it rich.

There is no logical conclusion to the how-come-you-didn't-write-about-that? game, except to waste everybody's time with political paranoia and divined motivations. Some of us turned down Internet jobs, Nick, because we wanted to continue to engage with and write about issues that interested us, rather than provide business information to a rich, niche audience. I don't at all disparage your choice (especially since what you were doing was fascinating & entrepreneurial, not just some job writing about office furniture for an office-furniture dot-com), but in return I ask you to respect mine, and to understand that a free website by a poor writer maybe ought to be judged a little differently than a twice-a-week column by a syndicated economist.

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