September 19, 2002

Copeland's Corollary, Four ...

Copeland's Corollary, Four Years Earlier: Great ex-Budapest expats think alike, or something like that. Last week, I mentioned how Henry was riffing off Metcalfe's Law in regards to sending outbound links; now, Rick Bruner reminds us he was all over that four years ago.

Posted by at September 19, 2002 05:30 PM

Damn. That's fun to read. I particulary like the "dead flies" image. Rick needs to get his book on the web so slubs like me can link it directly.

Rick's 1998 formulation needs one more ingredient: links work far better when made to sites/content capable of linking back. That's what turns blogs into networks and really makes the dynamo hum.

Posted by: henry at September 20, 2002 08:50 AM
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