September 13, 2002

Two Great New California Ba...

Two Great New California Baseball Diary Entries From Eric Neel: Today's, and yesterday's. My crazy Dad makes a guest appearance in one of them. (Which excavates a random memory from high school -- Pete would lend his car to Eric, but not to me ... and yet that seemed like the most utterly reasonable course of action, if you were there.) Anyways, after a nail-biting and well-played four-game series (of which I saw the first two, including the opening night loss with blogger and A's fan Howard Owens, who has a generous description thereof here), my team is tied for first with 16 games left, and I'm geeked. Eric and Howard, two smart fellas who might not agree on much, both believe matter-of-factly that the Angels' change of uniform this year has improved their play. Their respective thoughts on the Sept. 11 anniversary are here, and here.

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