ames. No one is talking except for the voice that is fuzzy enough that I can't exactly figure out where they are in the alphabet. There's also a great moment about her being approached by a New York Post reporter:
[A]s the group passes, I see there's a reporter with his photographer walking along. And I think, oh no, I should get up and walk away. Because if I was him, I'd stop and talk to me. But I like my spot in the sun. And he stops. "You don't want to talk to me. I'm a reporter," I said. But he's in a bad way, he says. He can't find anyone good. He says they're all tourists. "They don't get it," I said, sympathizing with his predicament. He's with the Post and he cajoles me into talking. I figure my own reporter's karma will be poxed if I don't at least give him something he can stick at the bottom of a story. I'm very careful not to give him anything that sounds like a lead quote. His photographer asks if she can take my picture. I say no. Wisely, she says my quotes are more likely to see print if there's art with it. "I know," I said and smiled back.
Amy also points us to this site collecting 9/11 blog posts from New York City writers.

Posted by at September 13, 2002 11:33 AM

My friends live a block away from ground zero. They watched people jump and when the towers fell they were nearly killed. We had dinner at their house on 9/11/02. We took a walk down to ground zero. At 10 it was filled with bikers, jesus freaks and acid casualties with signs complaining about Bush's war that were strangely accurate. It didn't feel like the site of the biggest event of our lives. It felt more like being in the parking lot of an Altamont reunion concert. Some guy told me his story about surviving the attack and losing everyone in his office. After 10 minutes I realized he was a con-man hustling me for money.
adam liebowitz

Posted by: adam liebowitz at September 19, 2002 07:25 AM

Liebowitz -- Good God, man! How are you, by the way?

Posted by: Matt Welch at September 19, 2002 12:28 PM
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