September 13, 2002

Look, a new BlogAd!: That's...

Look, a new BlogAd!: That's the second one I've sold in my first two weeks trying out Henry Copeland's new service. It's for Weblogs4Hire, a new site that's "all about connecting the webloggers with the weblog jobs." I think we can get behind that, no? The site was created by blogger Dane Carlson; I'd been meaning to link to both his projects for some time, and now I've run out of excuses! Becoming a BlogAd test monkey has been absurdly easy -- Henry basically takes care of it for you, and you spend three minutes cutting & pasting a small smidgeon of code into your template. Then, when someone submits an ad, you take a look and make sure they're not selling snuff films or whatever, and you click "OK." Try it at home!

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