September 11, 2002

'Well, folks, we didn't do ...

'Well, folks, we didn't do it': Eugene Volokh makes this and several other seemingly banal points to a UCLA protest group. It's as close as I've seen the rational professor get to turning red in the face. An excerpt:

Racist crimes were sternly denounced by government officials, and are being prosecuted; if you are enraged at the racist criminals, I share your rage. But somehow the impression was that you are enraged at someone else -- the U.S. government, or U.S. society. Well, folks, we didn't do it. You'd be rightly outraged if we held all members of some group of "people of color" morally responsible for the crimes perpetrated by a few scum out of that group. Don't hold Americans generally morally responsible for the crimes perpetrated by a few scummy Americans.

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