September 10, 2002

The Blogger/Columnist Compa...

The Blogger/Columnist Comparison: James Lileks has some clever thoughts about that today, including:

Newspapers need to stop treating columnists like people enshrined on marble podiums, and treat them like the comics - something that runs every day in the same place. Not a precious metal, but a utility, something that runs when you turn on the tap.
He also says nice stuff about me, which makes me blush ... and it also makes me realize that I don't thank all of you nearly enough for the boundless generosity and kindness you've shown me the past year, both publicly and privately. I've met so many terrific people because of this website -- for instance, just tonight, Howard Owens and his delightful wife ... at an Angels game no less. Sorry to be all weepy about it, but I'm a lucky, lucky guy, and it's because of you. Thanks.

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