back then) in a nearby town she'd saw that other papers had also suddenly abruptly changed their "font." I've never seen any historical anything on the font change in germany but germans fling with changing language and the russians skill at it have always been a red flag for me personally.

I am old enough to know that the left in america once raged at the "military industrial complex" (aka america) and that today america has also been renamed "globilisation" in most leftist terminology. The "military industrial...blah blah" was a DIRECT ENGLISH VERSION of the russian paper pravda's use of that same term for the US.

True, certain causes even on the conservative right tend to get overplay, "women's issues," "the abortion debate," etc...But NONE of that phrasing deals with the systematic RENAMING of a people or nation for the extreme political purpose of psychological warfare based on ridicule and historical revisionism.

One of the reason's europe can't understand why america is upset over europe's attitude toward Israel is that the creepiness of the term "zionist" and "jew" are so brazenly spilled out in a debate.

A frenchman or german will say, "I have no problem with jews only "zionists" and YET IN THE SAME BREATH they will say THAT SYNAGOGUES ARE BEING TORCHED because of Ariel Sharon!!!! To an american with a german background, catholic or jewish this sets the pulse up to about 300 miles per hour for sheer sadistic lying ability involved in making such a weak attempt to hide psychological warfare--or worse.

Americans also now have the ability to be of the generation who are ASHAMED of their parents 60' generation who openly smoked pot through most of our childhoods and yet "suddenly" developed a hatred of CIGARETTES under bill clinton, the man who didn't exhale while smoking pot.

Something is wrong about people who rename things and then get caught in an argument retracting their own lies like it's all a power play on adjectives. Truth should be truth. A tree is not a rock and a bird is not a missile; but sometimes talking to a socialist or communist you wonder what they would rename kiwi!

The right had to deal with it's demons. The left needs to look at theirs for the first time as well. By the way, if a blogger "suddenly" changes his font--I never visit his site again!

Posted by: judy at September 17, 2002 11:13 AM
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