back deck of my folks' peaceful home in Toms River, NJ, and I was thinking about September 11th.

The hard, horrid events of that day last year have been fucking with the mind, heart and soul since I watched the first plane fly over the Westside rooftops before smashing into the north tower of the the World Trade Center.

I don't have a web site or a blog -- hell, my laptop is still fried, waiting repair. So, I need you and the other bloggers to ask a question and post the replies.

What are people going to do this September 11th to remember, recall and honor the day? If any thing at all...? I think it would help the souls in NY, DC and PA.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy said at a governors' conference last week in New Orleans that everyone should respect everyone dealing with the date in their own way. I agree 100% of course, but I still don't know what to do.

I plan to get up at seven o'clock in the morning again and ride the 6 train down to Canal Street and have my own moment of silence...or may be I will get up earlier and watch a bagpipe band march into Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge on their way to Ground Zero. Or maybe I will curl up in a little ball and refuse to get out of bed at all. No, I won't stay in bed. The day was never about that. I worked the story for five week straight before really losing it. But you feel that way some times...even now. And, amazingly, I did not lose one person I know in the attack. You cannot but help but feel the personal loss.

There is such a heaviness in the empty blue sky right now. Many can't want for the passing of this September 11th so we can get on with all again.

So, what will you do in L.A.? And Chicago? And all the places in-between, in all the places outside of our New York World?

I know I will gather my friends together that evening of Septmebr 11, 2002 at Toad hall in SoHo and have a drink, toasting the dead. And, after that, I will walk the 30 blocks up 6th Ave and reach 19th St and 7th Ave and have a nightcap at Peter McManus with my friend Angela, the same way I did a year ago. Then we will go home and wake up the next morning as start all over again. Feel free to e-mail young Jim. Me, I'll be with my Dad, watching the Angels kick hell out of the A's while I try to loosen his lips about what the Defense Industry is cooking up for the next war. Giuliani's approach sounds about right to me.

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