September 05, 2002

Making Fun of Foreigners ... ...

Making Fun of Foreigners ... Because They're Funny: From Andrew Northrup:

What sort of Britain is this, where you can't make fun of foreigners? I have spent a considerable amount of time on that scepter'd isle, and it took me all of two seconds to realize that xenophobia is the national pastime. I can't help but think that this is a healthy thing. It's like my mother always used to say: 'If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh it?" She never answered this question, of course, because it was a rhetorical question, which is a question you don't expect an answer to because you've passed out stone drunk on the kitchen floor after asking it. (Other rhetorical questions my mother asked me: "What's your damned name?" "What did you do with my St. Ides, you &*%$#?" and "Why did God curse me with this worthless child?" Ah, memories...) But I realized at an early age that the answer was "foreigners." Foreigners are inherently funny. Look:
* Belgians
* Taiwanese
* Canadians
* Russians
* Libyans
Come on, admit it - they're funny. And yet, with the exception of Canada, all of these countries are full of perfectly decent human beings just like you and me. But they are figures of fun nonetheless, because they do ridiculous things ...

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