August 30, 2002

Too Complex and Courteous f...

Too Complex and Courteous for TV: That's Max Sawicky, according to his tale of being disinvited to a cable-TV debate on tax cuts.

Posted by at August 30, 2002 05:05 PM

Please allow me to courteously register my objection to that choice of words as paraphrase. I am usually better at concealing my self-regard. The main point was the hairshirt the host wanted his/her victim to wear, the better to make quick work of him. As for courteous, my dealings with other economists of all persuasions are professional. I know it's sad, but blogging is the only fun I get to have.

Posted by: Max at September 3, 2002 01:33 PM

Max -- I meant it not that *you* were particularly courteous, since Lord knows you probably aren't, but that their silly requirements (Argue! Have a rigid anti-tax-cut position!) seemed destined to rule out *most* normal humans. But, ah, it's too hot.

Posted by: Matt Welch at September 3, 2002 02:57 PM
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