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March 15, 2002

The Joys of Meeting Smart

The Joys of Meeting Smart People: That's all I've been doing since Tuesday night, and I can't recommend it enough. Ken Layne has already described it better than I might, so go there if you're interested in such things. Deserving of special praise are Peter Pribik and his girlfriend Christina, who threw together a magical party on impossibly short notice, and UCLA's Eugene Volokh, who did likewise with a bit more lead time. Also my bailiffs-and-carriers-obsessed pal Nick Denton, and the ex-Hungarian MP and blogger-to-be Peter Molnar, for generously inviting us to mix it up with J-school students. Do you ever go through a phase where you don't meet any stimulating new friends for a year or two? I've met at least a dozen this week.

A brief note about linking, before I get back to actual posting on actual topics – I haven't updated the links on the left since October or something. Many of my must-read daily favorites, such as Tim Blair, William Quick and the unnaturally youthful looking Dr. Frank, are nowhere to be found. Brilliant creatures like Richard Bennett? As absent as my responses to 617 of your e-mails. The links situation is tied together with a group-wide shift toward Moveable Type, and when enough of us can get it together at the same time, I will repair the gap. In the meantime, do not take it as an insult, or as a comment of any kind aside from a general one about my slovenliness. And try to be patient with the e-mails.

OK! Back to work!

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