//www.mattwelch.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-comments.cgi?__mode=red&id=760">Jackson Cooper at August 29, 2002 07:13 AM

Does anybody know what the "37 years" Haggard mentions refers to. He's been traveling for a lot longer than that.

Posted by: micah holmquist at August 29, 2002 08:28 AM

37 years since the UFO abducted him.

Posted by: Ken Layne at August 29, 2002 03:01 PM

At one time, Merle was arguably the finest songwriter this country has ever produced. Listen to something like "If We Make it Through December," for example, and compare it to anything written by Bruce Springsteen, the well-known consumer fraud who's now expoiting 9/11 to sell a cheesy album that sounds like his other cheesy albums for the past two decades. Try not to laugh at Bruce when you compare him to Merle.

But about a decade ago Merle lost it. Just flat lost it. His songs since then have been mediocre at best, his live performances and personal life erratic, and his latest rants indicate all that boozing has finally fried one brain cell too many.

If this were 1972, Merle Haggard would write one helluva song about his own fate.

Posted by: Harry at August 29, 2002 03:35 PM

What a coincidence, I was listening to him right now. I agree with most all of what Harry says. I saw some testimonial to him a couple of years ago and they were yucking it up about his career as an armed robber and subsequent time in the California penal system. Turned him on to music. Things must have really changed in the last 40 years.

Posted by: Jack Tanner at August 30, 2002 06:24 AM

Why can't Haggard pay for his own time to demonstrate that he's got something that people want to listen to? If that succeeds, he'll have his pick of sponsors.

Posted by: Andy Freeman at August 31, 2002 08:33 AM
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