August 27, 2002

Tony Pierce Seeks Publicati...

Tony Pierce Seeks Publication That Understands His Talents: Ah, the eternal question. ... I've tried to tell my connections that they should hire him to do sports-related photo essays (thus becaming the first paid Web photo-essayist, as far as I know) ... and though he has some fans there, it's not easy to get such things done.

A few weeks back, I read The Last Editor: How I Saved the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times from Dullness and Complacency, by Jim Bellows, who edited the New York Herald-Tribune, Washington Star, and L.A. Herald-Examiner, among other papers. It's a pretty corny book; he needed some ghost-writing help, and you don't get the impression that Bellows was particularly adept at working with words, or even expressing himself. But he had a long, terrific track record of identifying, cultivating and motivating talent, often in adverse circumstances. Seems like such a thing should be fairly common in the editing biz, but it truly is not. The editor who plucked the Tony Pierces of the world (or three dozen other people I could name) from Talented Outsider status to Paid Producer, could reap dynamic benefits and intense loyalty at a shockingly low cost.

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