understand is the idea that Simon will somehow be better. Davis is no friend of mind (I would have voted for Riordan, if slimy Gray hadn't bounced him out) but Simon is an idiot and will be worse on every level then Davis. If you want a protest vote, why not vote for candidate who best represents on you on the issues, not a stooge who isn't going to unseat Davis anyway.

Posted by: Harry at August 26, 2002 03:33 PM

I think Davis is the most corrupt & anti-democratic major politician in California since Richard Nixon. If that's your going definition (and it isn't yours, it's *mine*, but still), odds are very very high that whoever replaces him won't be as corrupt or anti-democratic. Also, it is important to me that we, as voters, exercise our rights & abilities to *punish* a public servant who has done us wrong. I liken it to this -- should we feel angry that Republicans voted for Nixon in 1972? Me, I'd like to believe that principled Republicans, if they would have known what we know now, would have voted for McGovern, even though they found 80-90% of McGovern's policies execrable.

In fact, let's just put it out there for you Republicans & non-Democrats out there -- if it were November 1972, and you knew everything we know now about Icky Dick, who would you vote for? Actually, I'll post that question up on my blog....

Posted by: Matt Welch at August 26, 2002 04:12 PM

Just a couple of thoughts -

Why haven't we started going after Sod'em yet? Well, of course we have, if you consider movement of materiel (sorry, I know how to do accent aigu but not accent grave and don't really care), but also consider weather; it's a hot and dusty summer, and while I am sure improvements have been made since we had to abandon helicopters and tanks because of sand...

Why hasn't the Admin started backing away from SA? Well, why should we bother? Not only would it just get everyone (even the Japanese) even madder at us, but all those references to de-stabilizing the region if we take down Hussy are because, as SA well knows, if a more democratic-style government is installed and lasts more than a year SA (and Iran) populace will start thinking - hard - about their lot.

Posted by: John Anderson at August 27, 2002 04:55 PM
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