August 19, 2002

Herold, to Inquiring Report...

Herold, to Inquiring Reporter -- 'Why Are You so Interested?': I'm pretty much tired of reading about Marc Herold's bogus civilian-deaths estimates, but this Weekly Standard column by Joshua Muravchik shows the professor and his work to be hostile to the very scrutiny he initially claimed to covet. (Via Glenn Reynolds)

Posted by at August 19, 2002 11:58 AM

I went to the address listed in the article. I wonder how many of the press who have cited his figures have read anything else he's had to say. Non-biased is the last thing that would enter my mind after going there. Somehow it's just sad that propagandists, whatever their politics, once exposed linger on and on. Never quite leaving the public stage. In my youth I might have defended someone like that if he was on my side of an issue. But now, they all just make me tired. What a difference 20 years, a wife and 2 children can make.

Posted by: Mark E at August 20, 2002 06:31 PM
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