Posted by: Karl at August 19, 2002 11:22 AM

Oh yeah, I didn't tell the half of it. I just wish I could tell it to Kate Sullivan, I would have posted it to her blog, but her comment links are broken. I've been telling people about the "Ramones Riot" for years and nobody believes me. At least I got to see the Ramones live (my first and last time!) at the Whisky a few days later, in a secret gig (they were listed in the LAWeekly as "Senomar").

Posted by: Charles Eicher at August 19, 2002 01:31 PM

Don't forget Midnight Oil folks. The cops invaded that concert too. The amazing thing is that the cops came in on horseback into the middle of the mosh pit right on cue as Midnight Oil was playing "Power and the Passion" a song about government crackdowns.

People were getting crazy there. A cooler got thrown on stage and people were throwing lit road flares into the audience.

I bicycled there, but had to walk home, someone used bolt cutters on the chain. At least I had the chain and lock as a weapon. Walking home it seemed the whole town was in chaos. Cops roared through the streets at speeds probably in excess of 70. Everyone was out of control

Too bad because Jackson Browne and El Rayo X earlier were great.

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