August 14, 2002

Congratulations, Kate Sulli...

Congratulations, Kate Sullivan!: My longtime pal Kate Sullivan is now the new featured music columnist at L.A.'s New Times, replacing Jim Freek. She is L.A.'s new Hot Child of the City. Way to go, Kate! Her introductory column is now online. A snippet:

Despite it all, people continue to connect with each other through music -- and they always will. And though the record industry is wobbling and the radio thugs are losing total listenership, we, the people, are in a pretty good spot right now, music-wise. Good music is happening and we've got access to it.

The secret weapon we've got -- and that the record labels and media conglomerates want -- is the power of our own mouths. Those jam-band weirdos and techno-heads could secede from the Union today with a stronger economy than certain Southern states, and they built their subcultures on word of mouth. Ditto the Weezer Nation. Ditto the fans who made the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack such a radio-free sleeper.

This is our power. This was always our power, and it means more today than it has since the radio was invented.
She's still blogging, too -- check out this tale involving The Donnas and their secret all-GnR cover band....

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