ctures From the Flooding: Via a second Prague pal, who writes:
it seems like the water's finally stopped rising after three days. but they're still expecting one more wave of flood water. it's the worst flood in prague in over 200 years. the charles bridge is still standing, old town square is also dry. but things still might change as the authorities gave up on measuring the volume of water flowing in vltava -- it's beyond their technology! zbraslav area south of prague is one huge lake, same thing goes for north.

the left bank of downtown prague -- mala strana, kampa -- is a disaster. almost all bridges across the river are closed down so it's quite impossible to see it from the right side where i work and live. looking from the old town towards kampa, you can't see windows on ground floors. but also on the right bank, lavka club is completely flooded -- the windows are open so that water can flow through the house. water's flowing through manes as well. zofin island is not visible under water -- the trees and building are just sticking out of it.

transportation in the city is for free! but it's considerable cut. six metro stops are flooded (staromestska, malostranska, vltavska among others) and water is now reaching all the way up to andel! florenc metro building is just an island in masses of water. only about half is left of lower holesovice.

right bank of vltava in the downtown curve around the jewish quarter is a no-entry zone up to old town square. the clock stopped ticking yesterday at five to eleven in the morning. the entire old town, mala strana, holesovice, karlin, and other areas have shut off electricity, water and gas supplies. telephones are not working either. mobile networks are still operating though.

the entire flood is moving up north to usti nad labem and decin. but dresden is already completely under water.

Also, my post below about Amy Langfield trying to collect early '90s Prague remembrances brought forth a fun letter by blasto-from-el-pasto Lyle Zimskind. Just reading the name "U Zoufalcu" (which means, roughly, "At the Hopeless") is enough to make my tongue swell and my head throb.

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