Under 'This Sure is Interesting ... to Matt!': So, I was tickled to discover that, out of Yahoo's directory of 164 prominent journalists (alive and dead), the proprietor of this very website was one of them! "Freelance columnist offers articles and war blog," Yahoo says (Layne merits a "terminally outraged columnist/reporter"). Also cool is that I'm listed right next to one of my journalistic heroes, Rebecca West. Just ahead of me is the familiar-sounding name of Isabel Vincent ....

Who, I then discover, has five absurdly specific things in common with me. 1) She also has written several stories for the National Post. 2) She wrote a late-1990s book called Hitler's Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, and the Pursuit of Justice. My friend Adam LeBor wrote a late-1990s book called Hitler's Secret Bankers: The Myth of Swiss Neutrality During the Holocaust. 3) We have both written stories with Belgrade datelines (hers was short, and published in the New Yorker; mine was insufferably long, and written for a magazine that went bankrupt just before publication. 4) We have both written stories (hers, mine) in which we describe being asked for bribes by Cuban sports officials, and then criticize other foreign correspondents for setting a bad precedent. Not weird enough for you yet? 5) We both sat down for long interviews with ex-Black Panther, cop-shooter and hijacker Bill Brent ... in 1998, no less! We must have met, but my memory has been stolen by garden gnomes.

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