August 12, 2002

A Bucketful of Excellent Id...

A Bucketful of Excellent Ideas, From Tony Pierce: Sorry to go all-Tony, all-the-time here, but he just posted a bunch of swell ideas I think you should check out. Among my favorites:

baseball, in order to give back to the community should have Win A Car Mondays. every monday you buy your ticket to the game, and during the 7th inning stretch a player reaches into the hopper and pulls out a ticket stub and announces the winner and someone drives home in a brand, new, car. [...]

at least one presidential debate should be held on pay-per-view with the nominees hooked up to a lie detector. charge $20, give the proceeds to the 5 poorest public school systems in america. might just be the biggest pay-per-view event ever. [...]

the first sunday of each month should be Fuckit Let's Be Cool day.

And there's more.

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