and Hradcanska metro stations in Prague due to flood danger, but it's the Vltavska metro that's in the biggest danger. They have put sandbags along the riverbank in a lot of places in town; Lavka is gonna be pretty hard hit. There were sandbags on the doors of the churches near the Charles Bridge. One of the owners of one of the touristy boats forgot to anchor it, and it was about to pull away from the dock and was in danger of running into the Charles Bridge. But the Interior Minister said he'd blow it up before it got to that. That I want to see. [...]

Kampa is about to go underwater. They're predicting that in the next couple of hours.

Out here at the cottage, things are relatively calm. Relatively. The cottages by the river have had to be evacuated; [our] relatives who have their cottage down by the bridge in Revnice are about to be inundated. Roads are still clear, though, and look to stay that way overnight. Trains are running along the riverbank. On the way in we saw soldiers sandbagging in Revnice.

And still the rain keeps coming down. Maybe I should get a Czech version of the Geocell website up. And a German version and an Italian version and a Hungarian version. Man, northern Austria got hit pretty bad. 1-2 billion dollars damage is what they're saying so far. Cross your fingers for the safety of our Central European friends. The Southern Bohemian towns he mentioned are among the most beautiful places in the world. As is, of course, Prague itself.

Posted by at August 12, 2002 01:36 PM

I'd like to see them blow up Lavka! If only because it provided one of my most indelible Prague memories. I'm scarred for life as a result...walking from my (now-flooded, it seems) former home towards downtown across the bridge, that godawful disco was blasting "Eye of the Tiger" so loud you could hear it in Mala Strana...*shudder*

Anyone have news on P-5 Nusle? I can't seem to reach my friends there & am wondering if they've left town. Also, keep your fingers crossed for my sweet Anezka's parents & their owners, who live a stone's throw from the Vltavska metro...on the ground floor, no less.

Posted by: Shannon at August 14, 2002 05:46 AM
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