August 10, 2002

Layne Almost Convinces Me t...

Layne Almost Convinces Me to Like the Filthy Crow: Here's the kicker to a can't-miss post from my environmentalist pal Ken:

Unloved, unwashed, common as a parking ticket, the crow is a democratic, working-class bird. You need no fancy excursion or advance campground registration to see these clever beasts. Like the coyotes, they aren't snobs. They don't apologize for their annoying "caw caw" or their filthy dumpster diving. They are curious and oddly elegant gluttons, and today Science has named them Very Smart Animals. Now they can be praised alongside the dolphin and chimp. Welcome to the club, crows!
Surely, Layne has blanked out the memories of the cruel Bratislava winter, when swarms of the evil beasts would descend onto barren fields of dirt, picking through the clods. Seeing the swollen black brutes return every year was a dark reminder that, once again, you were more than 3,000 miles from the nearest reasonable December.

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