August 02, 2002

Bjørn's Bjack!: My favorit...

Bjørn's Bjack!: My favorite funny-hatted Norweigian has returned from his extended vacation. Leave it to the Scandinavians to take the longest blogging holiday:

I made it back. And boy, are there some strange people out there.

But enough about me! What's been happening in the world? Well, off the top of my head: The Bush presidency has faced it's worst scandal yet, faith in corporate America is at an all time low, a major crisis over Perejil have been averted by diplomacy, the Middle East peace process threatens to go off track, and the environment is on the brink of collapse. Oops -- I've been reading the International Herald Tribune without applying corrective blogosphere counter-measures. I need to revive that skeptical warblogger sensibility! Let me try that again: Endless, desperate quest to redo Watergate produces dullest result yet, several goats killed in bloody mediterranean stand-off, palestinian resistance still morally bankrupt, counter-productive, and litany of doom claims yet more journalists victims. At least that sounds better -- don't blame me if not much new happens these days.

It's good to be back. I never doubted I would, but vacations are sneaky. I once left on one and returned a completely different person. This time I knew better. Whenever I ran into myself, I drank him under the table, and slipped out of town before he could do any real damage. (Or maybe it was the other way around. I'm not so good at this pop psychology thing.) Consequently, I'm still very much myself.

Welcome back, B.S.!

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