tside the campaign) independently compiling such a list would probably leave off the things Davis opposed.

Of course, the question in play right now is "How does Davis stack up against Simon." So if there's a bill you like and Davis signed it but didn't do anything at all to support it, it's still a plus in his column if Simon would've fought/vetoed it, and a plus in Simon's column if he'd have pushed harder for it than Davis did.

Posted by: Jason the Wobbling CA Voter at August 1, 2002 09:21 AM

I'm most familiar with the divorce law, and that area Davis has been a real loser. Two major bills came to his desk that he signed, which would have been vetoed by most Republican governors (one already had been by Wilson):

a) a law allowing any pre-nuptial agreement to be challenged in the event that the couple signing it eventually got a divorce; it completely undermined the ability of marrying couples to determine the nature of their ultimate separation and left it up to the court.

b) a law that effectively makes all alimony ordered after a marriage of ten years or more to continue indefinitely, instead of terminating after half the length of the marriage.

Both of these soak working men (and increasingly, women too) in order to provide lifestyle to ex-spouses who choose not to work.

Another area where Davis has done outrageous things is prison guard pay, which he increased by something like 35% when they're already better-paid than all other comparable state workers. This was a direct payoff for the $2M their union spent to get him elected.

The quid pro quos are practically endless, of course.

Posted by: Richard Bennett at August 2, 2002 12:49 AM

Gray Davis is probably the most brazenly corrupt governor that California has had post WWII. As well as the most incompetent.

Which means that Davis really has only two accomplishments: making Jerry Brown look competent and his father Pat Brown look honest. That's feeding-the-masses with loaves and fishes time, folks.

Posted by: Robin Roberts at August 5, 2002 12:22 PM
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